The Ginkgo Promise

We donate a portion of all proceeds to various suicide prevention organizations to nurture a more loving world for today and tomorrow. 

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The Ginkgo Project understands that life can get tough and at times lonely. But we want you to know that you aren't alone. Life can be a beautiful place so long as we can focus on the aspects that makes us smile and brings out our inner-child. We believe in the power of finding our passions and purpose to drive the narrative we choose to live. The journey to finding one's most inner-innocence is the beginning of discovering the creative curiosities life has to offer.

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get ourselves there and that's perfectly fine. All it takes is a visit to: 

Lifeline ( or dial 1-800-273-8255.

Ginkgo History


Known as the oldest surviving species of trees to exist today, Taoist and Buddhist temples typically planted ginkgo tress nearby as a symbol of yin-yang, resembling harmonic and opposing forces. 

Ancient China's artists used to depict the ginkgo biloba as Buddha's Dragon Tree, lending the Chinese & Japanese cultures to associate the gingko tree with an optimistic view of the future.

After the bombing of Hiroshima, six ginkgo trees survived the blast and fully recovered despite scientists predicting that nothing would grow on the bombing site for 75 years. Today, one of the trees located near the center of the blast is referred to as the “bearer of hope”The ginkgo's resilient nature has earned it as the symbol of strength, hope and peace.